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KeepSafe 2.01

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Stardock Corporation
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January 29, 2011
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Windows 7, Vista, XP

KeepSafe Publisher's Description

Program for data protection and revisioning.

By Stardock Corporation about KeepSafe

KeepSafe is the ultimate file Protection and revisioning program. It offers a seamless way to protect all of your most important files as you work on them ?in real time! It does not replace a full system backup, but rather provides protection during those times Between backups and only works on files you actually change ?saving disc space.

When installed, KeepSafe can be configured to protect certain file types (i.e.-.doc, .xls, .pst, etc.) or entire directories (i.e. "My Documents"). From then on, anytime a change is saved to one of those files, KeepSafe will automatically back up that file to a user defined location (typically a server, external drive, or backup directory on local machine).

KeepSafe can even keep multiple revisions (the number set by the user), so if a key data file gets corrupted, the user can right click on that file and choose to return to a previous version from 20 seconds ago or 20 days ago. KeepSafe is so seamless it works without you even realizing its working. Users never have to remember to backup their important files anymore. KeepSafe does it automatically. Users, once they've customized their setting definitions won't have to remember to backup their important files anymore. KeepSafe will do it automatically without hot keys or hot buttons to worry about.

Have you ever had a document become corrupted just when you were saving it? Have you ever overwritten an important file, wished you could go back to an earlier version, or had your hard drive crash and your most recent backup was a month old? Do you have a computer? Then you need KeepSafe!

KeepSafe 1.1 adds "Diff" support so that only changes in new versions are saved rather than the entire file. You can try it out for yourself. Stardock originally developed this to solve the problem of people simply not making backups. The solution, KeepSafe, integrates data archiving into the file system itself.
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KeepSafe 1.1

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